Thursday, 19 June 2014


Character Profile:

Charlie Wheelhouse
17 years of age 
Studies Media and business at Ravens Wood school.
Year 13
6ft with long dark brown hair.

Kieran Mcwilliam
17 Years of age 
Studying Photography and media at Raven Wood school.
5ft 10 light curly brown hair

Molly Gibbs
16 years old
Studying Maths English and media at Hayes Secondary School 
5ft6 long blonde hair

Connor Foreman 
17 years old 
works in sales in london 
5f10 dark rorwn hair but wearing a bucket hat within the video.

Thomas Madkins: 
17 years of age.
studies Media and art at Ravens Wood school
Year 13
5ft11 long brown hair.

  •  The main actors will be behaving like they normally would, they are all very good friends and will be having a laugh acting normally. we want to capture a Normal realistic feel to the video instead of acting.
  • As a group we have decided not to have one main actor. We wanted to have everyone in the group of  'best friends' to play the same part all having the same amount of time on and off the camera.
  • We have chosen these actors due to the fact off the camera they are all very close friends even when the camera isn't rolling.  They still have a laugh and act exactly the same as they do when on camera

Camera Activity: 
 The camera will be rotated around the group having different camera men for different scenes as we want everyone to be in the video at different parts. we have chosen to do it this was as we feel it is the best way of showing everyone in the group. we wanted to make sure that not one actor will always be on camera.

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