Friday, 13 June 2014

3. Style Guide.

Logo; This logo will always stay the same colours but in a different order. When broadcasted it will appear all mixed up and eventually make its way into order. The logo will always be at the size of 23mm but when shown as a advert it will appear on the whole screen.

Position; The position of the logo will always be placed on the bottom left corner when a programme is on. The reason it will be placed here is because no other channel does this and it will be unique to TV.

Isolation Area; The logo will always been circulated by a tiny bit of space. The logo height will be 23mm long and the isolation are will be a quarter of the logo, so it will measure in at 5.5mm

Colour; The colouring of the logo will not change at anytime when the logo is presented. This would make it confusing for the viewers and not make the Channel 4 logo original.

Typography; The font I used to create the Channel 4 logo was 'High School', not changed were made to it, no boldness added and no italic added. Just normal High School font.

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